The Amber Room

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For some time we deal with the search of the legendary Amber Room, "the eighth wonder of the world" and the life story of the war criminal Erich Koch, who as a Nazi - Gauleiter of East Prussia the theft of the Amber Room and many other treasures, such as 64 crates of paintings Kharkov and Kiev, the Prussenschatz, valuables from museums of Ukraine, Bialystok and East Prussia, and the valuables should have initiated from 400,000 Jewish citizens. We have worked through existing archives and analyzes the numerous biographies and, so far unsuccessful search for the Amber Room.

We have also evaluated the fruitless search of the former GDR - Homeland Security after the stolen valuables and treasures. There were all the technical requirements and the access to all remaining files are available. Why the experts still found nothing? Because all seekers have been always considered as trucks come with boxes. This is true, but no Amber Room! It is also known that all accomplices have been murdered by some hidden treasures. Who's going to know something specific? So only one who has caused this robbery and the name was Erich Koch.

Erich Koch had two hit points, his hometown of Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Königsberg. In Wuppertal, he was born, went to school and was last employed on the railways before he went to Königsberg in 1926. He ruled 60 million inhabitants with an iron hand, had ready access to the High Command of the Armed Forces and was well informed about the military situation. He certainly did not delay the advance of the Red Army, to match its prey in safety. But where?

But above all we have asked: How could we have acted?

Our theory:

A man of power as Erich Koch, had not his treasures to Goering (which he gave the "Romincka Forest") or other Nazi leaders left. He would not let the treasures in foreign regions with an uncertain political future, but can take you there, where he saw himself well versed and also a good chance to go back there after the war, in his home. As a former railroad worker, he stood to open ways to be transported by wagon the treasures.

Wuppertal. A large number of tunnels, bunkers and underground former weapons factories that came as a hiding place in question was in which hitherto never searched for the Amber Room We have begun to investigate the possible hiding places that we have taken after wide research into the eye.

Of course everything is coordinated with the authorities of the city.

The search, however, is of course very expensive. It assistants, special equipment and money for craftsmen needed.


We would be very grateful if you could support our project. The search for the Amber Room is a good advertising medium. A donation receipt can be issued for your convenience. In addition, we assure you, if successful and after receiving the reward for the finder, ten times the amount of your donation as a refund.

A very important fact I would like to inform you, it is searched in many parts of Germany, there are very many publications, but all have something in common, nothing was found.

Sincerely yours

Karl-Heinz Kleine





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